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Alphington Automotive

About Us

Alphington Automotive is owned and managed by Ben Marsh, a dedicated, passionate and experienced Mechanic. Ben has worked in the trade for over 10 years in the Northern Suburbs. In this time he has gained great insight into what customers want and need from their local mechanic. 

Alphington Automotive is dedicated to keeping your car safe on the road all year round. Each time you come in for a service a list of repairs that your car needs now and in the near future will be written up for you with clear priority ratings. That way you know what to expect. At Alphington Automotive we believe honesty is the best policy and we can guarantee our loyalty lies with what is best for you.

Alphington Mechanic

Ben Marsh

Starting in the trade from the earliest he could, Ben has always had an obsession with cars. Ben is well known in the industry for being a hard worker who is always dedicated to his customer. 

Local Alphington Mechanic Car Repair

John Simitzis

John has been in the industry for over 40 years. Having run his own engine specialist shop he knows the ins and outs of every car like the back of his hand. He loves to teach and if you ask him what something means be prepared to get an in depth explanation!